Stop Waiting for When

When is an infinite, unspecific amount of time, yet people use it all the time to describe their circumstances.

  • "I'll start eating healthy when the weekend is over."
  • "I'll wear that outfit when I lose weight." 
  • "I'll start running when the weather gets warmer."

Sound familiar? Do any of the above statements sound the least bit convincing? Nope. No conviction whatsoever. Because when is a limitation that enables us to avoid taking action. Starting something new can be scary. It forces you to be vulnerable, fearful, or unprepared...but when it comes to your health, stop waiting for when. If your goal is going to stick, you MUST have conviction behind it. This is what differentiates a lifestyle change from a yo-yo diet or a healthy mindset from a lazy excuse.

So how do you stop waiting for when? Figure out WHY you want to make an effective change in your life and call yourself out on your bullshit:

  • "I want to eat healthy to combat my genetic predisposition for diabetes. I keep putting it off because I don't want to feel alienated when all of my friends go to happy hour."
  • "I want to wear a new outfit to class because I work hard to be fit. I thought I needed to lose weight so others would think I worked hard enough too."
  • "I want to run because it's liberating, but I have never run a marathon and I'm intimidated by more experienced runners."

If you are truly dedicated to achieving your goal, whether it be in fitness, health, or your career, silence your inner critic by taking actionable measures toward your goal. This starts with changing the chatter in your head and reframing what you currently perceive as a roadblock into something that can be overcome. After your shift in perspective occurs once your true reasoning for setting your goal is discovered, your whens and somedays will become nows and todays.