My 2018 Word of the Year: LIMITLESS

Two weeks into the new year, have you already thrown your New Year’s Resolution out the window? I think everyone finally realized resolutions generally lack conviction, and therefore, staying power beyond a few weeks at most. What I’ve seen as a more effective practice is mindfulness of a one-word mantra. Ready to build upon the successes and lessons of 2017, my intention for 2018 is LIMITLESS.

Limits take on many forms in our lives. They’re a result our fears, doubts, and worries - most of which are self-imposed. I look back on parts of my life and wonder if I actually was subject to rejection, disappointment, or loneliness, or if I was simply setting myself up for failure due to restrictions I established in my own mind - Restrictions that hindered the ability to grow to my full potential.

Why LIMITLESS? Because I’m determined to redefine my circumstances in a way that grants me knowledge, experience, and resources, not usurps them. No goal is too far-fetched, no idea can’t become a reality. The mindset is where it all begins, and it’s time to manifest it into actions. The real lightbulb moment is realizing that all of the fire, the potential, the resources, the tools, the motivation - everything you need is already within you. Are you ready to tap into it?

We can see our circumstances as limitations or opportunities. Excuses or success. In the words of Jen Sincero, which is my absolute favorite quote right now, "You can have your excuses or you can have success. You can't have both." I find this incredibly relatable to every aspect of life. And of course, in the seminal words of Cady Heron, “All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.” In 2018, I'll be seeing my problems as challenges and limitations as non-existent.