Five Ways to Achieve Work Life Balance on an Everyday Basis

Our breed of athlete is becoming increasingly common: crushing it at your favorite fitness studio before your 9-6 job. Or after. Or both. People ask all the time how I manage working 40ish hours a week with a jam-packed, event-filled, fitness schedule. Here are 5 quick tips that help me achieve balance and live my passions every day:

1. Make a Schedule
I have had a relatively rigid schedule for my entire life. It’s essentially always been the same: school, work, dance, sleep. The predictability allows me to add flexibility where I choose. You can’t make adjustments to your schedule if you don’t know what it’s going to be ahead of time. If you told me I had to set aside a half hour of time to do something every day (meditate, cook, etc.) I would find the time to do it. This requires intrinsic motivation (sorry obligers!) but it’s so worth it. If you have the same amount of time at work every day, manage your time wisely. Because for the most part, you can and should get done everything you need to in a day.

2. Get to know...Well, Everyone
Accountability is one of the key components to achieving balance. Smile and say hi to all your coworkers. Learn everyone’s names and tell them yours. Get to know your fitness instructors and your classmates. Chat up the people at the front desk. Thank the maintenance crew for the work they do so you can have an enjoyable experience. Once you create bonds with those around you, even as acquaintances, you will feel accountable - wherever you are - to show up and be your absolute best!

3. Be Consistent
Actually...consistency is even more important than accountability. You can have all of the zest for life that you please, but if you’re a hit-it-or-quit-it type with your goals, it ain’t gonna happen. Let’s say you drink tons of water during class but never at your desk (this is an example...I’m literally always drinking water, including as I type this). Or you pack your lunch every day but when you get home you just sprawl out on your bed and ignore any (probably mini) appliances you may have in your apartment that would allow you to cook a healthy dinner. Keep a log and mark an “X” on every day you reach your goal, or write in journal how positively you feel on a day where you reach your goal. The excitement of consistency fuels the fire of success. I make SO many lists just so I can check items off. (#oddlysatisfying)

4. Find (and then you will become someone’s) Inspiration
WHY do you enjoy your job AND your after work activities? What qualities do you possess that make you efficient and successful at BOTH? Once you answer those questions honestly, you’ll be happily dancing from your desk to your bike (or tread or barre, you get the idea) with confidence and conviction. Stress is working hard for something you don’t care about. Passion is working hard for something you care about. People are inspired by passion. I know I am. I’m like a passion junkie! So remember why, how, and what you dedicate your energy and time to on a daily basis, and you will feel awesome about your life choices/time management skills.

5. Relax!!! Relaxing Doesn't Mean Doing Nothing
Are you forcing yourself to exercise because you’re a victim of workplace burnout? Don’t! Rest and rejuvenation are equally as important as the hustle. I enjoy going to the “spiritual gym”, as Jen Sincero calls it, once a day. For me, this can mean something physical like a workout class, spiritual, like burning palo santo and meditating, mentally stimulating, like reading and journaling, or creative, like drawing and practicing guitar. You don’t have to be moving around at the speed of light every day. As long as you’re recharging your batteries and fueling your body with nutrient-dense food that matches your energy expenditure, you will have everything you need to power through your day!!