Find Your Why in One Sentence

I  am obsessed with innovation. I am intrigued by forward-thinking individuals and organizations. I have always been an avid optimist. But sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m making any progress or that my efforts aren’t yielding the caliber of results that I’m expecting. Sometimes the pieces haven’t fallen into place just yet.

Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why was the inspiration for the third most-watched TED talk ever, and just as importantly for me, the personal inspiration I needed at a time I felt stagnant and uninspired at work. This was especially an issue because my job was literally to inspire others.

I was so grateful to have received many opportunities to travel the country, be creative, and innovate new processes. At the time, this was my dream job. My golden ticket to New York. But after a while, something went missing. WHY. The WHY was missing. Why was I doing it? Waiting to finally make enough money to pay my rent? Waiting to add experience to my resume? Waiting wasn’t gonna cut it. My coworker lent me Start With Why and it totally changed my outlook on time management and task prioritization.

When I returned the book that had been lent to me, I’d had it signed by Simon himself. The first time I met him was at a book signing, and within exactly ONE WEEK, I had an offer for my current job. I still have the screenshot on my phone that I took when I first saw the posting on LinkedIn. Whoa!!!

Almost a year and a half later, I’m still starting with why every day. Thanks to Simon’s newest workbook to accompany Start With Why - Find Your Why - I’m able to put my why into words. This is difficult because different parts of your brain control emotions and speech. When someone asks you why you love your best friend, you’re like, IDK I just do!! As a quick overview, I’ll show you how you set it up...If I went into too much detail, I wouldn’t be able to host a workshop on it ;)

_________ so that _________.

Basically: What is your purpose and how will it benefit and enrich the lives of others?

My WHY is:
I’m driven to inspire others through passion and innovation so that their desire for connection and fulfillment comes full circle.

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