Three New Year’s Resolutions That *Actually* Worked

Over the years, I’ve made several New Year’s Resolutions. Although some more realistic than others, I was mindful of my intentions for the entire year (crazy, right?). These three specifically were far more than that. They changed the course of not only my year, but made a lasting impact on my life as well. 

1. Eliminate the word “jealous” from your vocabulary.
I made this resolution in 2012, when negativity stemming from my eating disorder still fueled my every intention. Being on top of the social ladder and scoring a post-grad job were among what seemed important at the time. I stopped feeding my ego with the belief that people were jealous of me, and I stopped wasting my energy believing that others had more than I did. Others don’t take away from what you have - you do that yourself by being jealous of them. I HIGHLY suggest practicing this...Literally don’t even say the word. Then you’ll actually start being happy for others and realize there’s more than enough beauty, success, happiness, or whatever you're searching for, to go around for everyone. 

2. Spend money on experiences rather than materialistic goods.
Now this philosophy is universally associated with millennials, but in 2013 it was a mind-blowing prospect. I was cashing in commission checks from my retail job left and right for anything from a new designer handbag to a full-fledged shopping spree at Target (happens to the best of us). I thought spending money would make me feel powerful, but it didn’t. Freedom did. Excitement did. Independence did. So I put my paycheck toward experiences instead - trips to visit friends, my first 5K, incredible concerts - and it made all the difference. The money became less valuable and the people around me became more so.

3. Maintain genuine relationships with others.
2015 was the an incredible year. I moved to Manhattan a week before New Year’s Eve (a block away from Times Square AGH) and was so excited to begin a new job in a new city in a new apartment. This was my second and last time recreating my entire life, and I still had much to let go of from the one before: people, insecurities, fear of not being good enough. I wanted to design a life with value and connection, without superficiality. As a result, I let go of what wasn’t meant for me, acted like the friend I wanted to have, and connected on a personal level with people who lead fearlessly and change the lives of those around them. I was inspired!! I repaired my relationship with my body and mind. I traveled the country for a job I was good at. I felt like I was finally exactly where I needed to be - and I was.