Recap! Create & Cultivate Panel

What a week! Last Wednesday brought me across the bridge to 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge for a Create & Cultivate panel sponsored by Timberland. I made my way through the lobby, thoughtfully adorned with gorgeous Christmas decorations. When I got upstairs to the event space, there was just enough time to grab an Aperol Spritz — #LikeditBeforeitWasPopularintheUS #FindingMyWinterDrink — at the open bar before we started. C&C’s branding is VERY thoughtful, and like at the Girlboss Rally, I was taking pictures of the set like a total visual merchandising geek. I snagged a seat right in front as the moderator from C&C introduced the panelists: ECOPreneur Marci Zaroff, Chef Sophia Roe, Lifestyle influencer Jera Fell-Foster, Photographer Tory Rust, and Journalist Liz Plank.

The name of the panel was “The World is Calling You” and was essentially about finding your calling, standing up, and standing out in your career. I loved hearing everyone’s perspective. The entire panel seemed like a lovely group of women. I’ve seen C&C panelists in the past be very friendly and supportive of one another. (It’s super awkward at other events where the panelists don’t interact at all or worse, when there is tension between them.)  All of the women on this panel have paved their way in their respective industries and were totally empowered.

Post-group panel was a fireside chat with well-known poet and change-maker Cleo Wade. I wish I had recorded audio, as there were tons of little gold nuggets of wisdom tucked into the conversation. C&C is always setting you up to create and cultivate the career of your dreams — the set included a backdrop that said “The World is Calling You” and had a photographer snapping headshots that were posted to C&C’s Facebook page. I actually liked the lighting of my iPhone photo better than the professional version, but offering free headshots is always a great effort.

I was so interested by was the irony that many of the panelists brought up their fear and discomfort around public speaking. It reinforced my already-existing desire to offer a public speaking workshop sometime next year. I’m not personally affected by social anxiety, but it seems to be something that many people, even ones in the public eye (read: on Instagram) struggle with. I could write on about how to overcome your fear of public speaking, but let’s save that for the workshop ;)

Nicole Tremaglio