Recap! Well + Good Wellness Trends Event

Being a fitness and wellness junkie, I’ve been a long-time reader of Well + Good. I’ve been to a few of their events in the past, which have always been a great experience, and was so excited to attend their 2019 Wellness Trends event in early December. There were 4 panels: money, beauty, food, and women’s health.

The first panel was my favorite, because two of my favorite ladies were on it - Shanna Tyler and Claire Wasserman. My takeaways:

  • Do the best you can, and be rewarded for it.

  • Find your support network.

  • There is an underlying confidence issue in women, where they feel like they can’t act until they’re 100% prepared; that action is a prerequisite for confidence.

  • The goal is not to live paycheck to paycheck.

  • Shanna’s mantra: “I’m a budget-having, client-attracting, money-saving KWEEN!” (Yas.)

  • Claire said, “Don’t be afraid to say you want to be rich. I want to be a billionaire so I can give to progressive female candidates, fund other women, and give to charity.” I love Claire’s story; whenever a woman says she wants money, we judge her. Think she’s greedy. Wellllp, we’re not. Money gives influence and influence can cause positive change.

I was also particularly interested in the women’s health panel. I’ve been trying to monitor my hormones and see how my mood is affected from time to time, and apparently this is one of the wellness trends of 2019!

  • Hormones affect quality of experience of life.

  • You can manipulate hormonal situation with food.

  • Your doctor doesn’t care about you more than you; start owning the information and start owning how you feel.

  • Get around the bureaucracy in medicine by subscribing to a direct to consumer model.

The event was well-organized and jam-packed with information. My favorite part, as always, was getting to experience this with my community - I got to hang out all night with my friends Andrea, Diana, and Shanna. :) It feels so awesome knowing that these aren’t just trends that Well + Good is predicting will be the next big things this upcoming year; it’s knowing that we are totally immersed in our community and have truly adopted wellness in every aspect - from finances to food to beauty to health.

Nicole Tremaglio