Recap! SassClass Sexy Stilettos Program

As you know…I love dance. I was thrilled when my friend Julia, the owner of SassClass, a studio in NYC that offers drop-in classes and video programs, invited me to take a program. The Sexy Stilettos program was the first of its kind - a Level 2/3 (Intermediate - all other programs had been for beginner dancers, whereas everyone in this program had prior dance experience). The choreographer was Frida Persson, who I’d been wanting to take class with at Broadway Dance Center and Peridance, essentially since I moved to New York. She’s like Robyn meets Britney Spears AND she vogues. In heels. Fabulous.

The program included 5 weeks of 1.5 hour classes in a group of 7 dancers. Each week, I would vlog about my experience:

At the beginning of [the first] class, we did an icebreaker, where each person stated who they were, what they do, and what they were looking to get out of the program. What I realized as the girls were going around the room saying what they were looking to learn from the experience was that they were looking for confidence; that they wanted to have stage presence on camera and the ability to unleash their sexiness and tap into their femininity. What I said I wanted to get from the experience was consistency that you’re just not able to achieve with weekly drop-in classes; the accountability where you have something to learn and practice and bring it back to class each week. That’s what gives the consistency that makes for an amazing piece.

Something else I wanted to get out of the program was community and the opportunity to connect with people. The dance industry is very intimidating, and it can be very tough for people - even ones who have years of experience - to walk in a room and feel comfortable, confident, and not intimidated. This is exactly the kind of environment that SassClass provides.

As I stood there in a circle among these amazing women who I had just met, I had to let them know: They ARE amazing. They ARE confident. How exciting is it that we all get to be in a room together every week just participating and sharing something that we love so much - dance - with each other?

The video shoot was SO much fun. I love dancing on camera, but I haven’t been a part of too many professional shoots. (YET!!!) It was about 40 degrees, which is absolutely freezing the first week of November, and 5:30AM. Thank God it was daylight savings time, so it was kinda like 6:30AM. I wore my extra layers over my spandex and packed my heels in my bag, ready to go.

The energy on-site was amazing, and we got through the shoot very efficiently! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and I LOVED seeing the girls’ confident faces; strutting through Times Square, playing up to the camera. I’m so grateful to Julia for this opportunity, and seeing the final product at the wrap party was absolutely WILD. Like literally. We were all SCREAMING. Being around dancers and people who just get it (aka. supportive people lol) reminded me of my childhood and adolescence, when dance was the only thing that mattered in the world. I loved being brought back to that feeling of euphoria. There’s really nothing like it.

Now GO WATCH the finished product if you haven’t already!!! :)

Nicole Tremaglio