Recap! Ladies Get Paid Workshop with Beth Comstock

Thursday I visited The Financial Gym for the first time. I’d heard great things from my friends  Shanna and Diana and was excited to see the space. Turns out - it’s beautiful!! The aesthetic is clean, fun, and approachable, and in addition to the common space, there are private rooms where clients can have those maybe not-so-fun convos about $$$$. Plus there’s a bar, so that’s an added bonus. I imagine financial planning is more fun with wine. Anyway!

Ladies Get Paid hosted a workshop by Beth Comstock in support of her new book, Imagine it Forward. It provided insight and actionable strategies to innovate and bring your ideas to the workplace. The workshop was incredibly interactive, and I love how engaging and intelligent Beth is. She remembered everyone’s name as they spoke and referenced sentiments they had made earlier in the workshop. We also got to take home a copy of her complete presentation and her new book, Imagine it Forward. (Which I can’t wait to read!) I related to so many (if not all of the) points she brought up; here were my main takeaways from her framework:

  1. Shift Your Mindset

    • The optimism of agency. It starts with you; you have the power.

    • Fear: what’s holding you back?

    • Learn courage: Write a list of things you’re afraid of and why.

    • Hold yourself accountable.

  2. Develop Your Idea

    • DIY job crafting. (I love this and have been practicing this for a while - how can you improve your quality of work by innovating and playing to your strengths?)

    • The power of constraints: time, money, resources. Are these real or imagined?

    • Start small: what can you do to test your idea?

  3. Make the Case

    • If you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it.

    • Don’t ask people what they do, ask them, “What’s your story?” I build things that I want to exist.

    • “What’s your story?” leads to your mission statement, which then leads to what you ‘do’.

  4. Fail Forward

  • Say to your coworkers, “Tell me one thing I don’t want to hear.”

  • How to deal with conflict: give it a name, recognize it, don’t take it personally.

  • “No is not yet.” (My new fav quote!)

  • Re-frame failure: What did I learn? What will I do differently next time?

  • What’s your fight song? Make a fight song playlist!

I felt so recharged and energized after this workshop, and I love being a part of Ladies Get Paid. I look forward to reading Imagine it Forward (you should read it, too!) and continuing learning, growing, and developing.

Nicole Tremaglio