Three Ways to Seize Your Moment

At ((305)) Fitness, the employees only room is behind a door ironically labeled, “This is Not a Door.”  There are so many figurative doors we need to enter and several idiomatic sayings to support that notion. (i.e. “when opportunity knocks”, “when one door closes”, etcetera) It got me thinking - I don’t think I’ve gotten anywhere in life by opening a metaphorical door...I built it myself. But how can you live life as your best self if you’re a “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of thinker? Think of a particular goal that you have in mind - something you’ve seen as a roadblock - and apply these principles to drive you forward toward your vision of success and accomplishment. 


Solve Problems

A great way to create opportunity when there is seemingly little of it is to solve problems. Find inconveniences or inefficiencies that you can eradicate to make others’ lives easier. What are your boss’s main priorities? What problem is your client looking to solve? What is the void in the marketplace that your idea, product, or service can fill? Providing a unique and creative solution to the issue at hand gives you an edge. You’ll see challenges as exciting projects rather than obstacles.


See Beyond What’s There

What do you really want? Best case scenario. What opportunity are you actually looking for? How will receiving that opportunity benefit you, and more importantly, how will it positively affect others? Envision yourself completing each step of the process. Fully understand the task at hand and the resources required to complete the task. Then think beyond that. Beyond what you initially thought was possible. Next. Level. Status. Get creative and think of a new, different, innovative approach that can only support your cause. When your frame of mindset reflects an “I can do anything I set my mind to” attitude, you will destroy all self-imposed limits, boundaries, and excuses. 


Mind Over Matter

Achieving any project or goal requires effort and focus, which at times is not always easy to maintain. Always remember why you began and know you already have what it takes to see your vision come to full completion. The most rewarding part of a project coming to fruition is knowing the heart that went into making it happen. Let that conviction and spirit be the leverage you need to propel you forward when it seems like the potential for opportunity is unlikely.