When You Remember You’re Not Beyoncé

Beyoncé makes a lot of things seem easy, one of them being the ability to carry oneself  confidently with an air of sophistication and a serving of fierceness.  This seemingly effortless attitude is also known as FEELING YOURSELF. Sounds fun! And it is. Except when it isn’t. It’s particularly disappointing to have how you thought you looked on the outside diminish the joy you were feeling on the inside. If you look in the mirror or have thoughts that don’t serve you, get right again with these small acts of empowerment.


1. Take Back Your Power

What is making you feel unworthy of love, attention, happiness, etc? Is it the way you think you look? Put the situation into perspective. Does prioritizing how you look over how you feel outweigh the satisfaction of going to that workout class in the first place? Or going out to brunch? Or doing anything that contributes to your happiness and/or well-being? No, or at least it shouldn’t. Let’s be real - regardless of your looks or anything on the surface, you can, should, and are allowed to experience life without guilt, shame, or disappointment. Change your self talk so your fear no longer puts out your fire. 

2. Channel Your Fire

What makes you feel your best? Singing and dancing around your apartment like no one’s watching? Going full glam and dressing to the nines? Jumping into bed after a long day at work to watch Netflix in your pajamas? Channel that feeling of excitement when you feel the most like YOU. Just you - not dependent on the presence or approval of any other person. Let your undeniable awesomeness take the lead and your mood will be boosted in no time.


3. Release the Pressure

Don’t look as fit as you did last year? Comparing yourself to someone who you presume has more than you because they look “better” than you? WHO CARES. You are the only you. You do you the best - better than anyone else. Stop pressuring yourself to meet some kind of ambiguous, subjective standard of perfection or achieve an unnecessary aesthetic. Remember that joy doesn’t cost a thing, and your mind is what may be holding you back from vibrating at your highest frequency - NOT your body.