Do You Believe in Horoscopes?

It’s finally that time of year again - Aries season!!! Yes, I’m a little biased because it’s my sun sign (April 2nd!), but I’ve always been into astrology. I even had a silver Aries cursive nameplate necklace circa 2001! I’ve always identified very strongly as an Aries and was always interested in learning about astrology and dynamics among people of different signs. We’re not gonna get into characteristics of each sign, but if you’re interested, download the DailyHoroscope app and download your natal chart at


In typical Aries fashion, I’ve always been independent. I moved to New York by myself and have spent the better half of my adult life living alone. A few years ago, I was having lunch at a restaurant in the Village when a woman stopped her own conversation to ask what sign I was. Why? Because an Aries would SO eat by herself. She was a Gemini, like a few of the closest people I’ve ever had in my life, so her approach didn’t surprise me ;) Anyway, she asked what my moon (your inner self) and rising (how other people see you) signs were. I didn’t know. I pulled up my natal chart. Cancer and Leo, respectively. Inwardly emotional, outwardly EXTRA! It was like everything started making so much more sense. I started thinking about all the cosmic happenings - people coming in and out of my life, certain events, achievements or disappointments happening at certain times - and if it (or at least some of it) is in the stars?


Speaking of cosmic happenings, Mercury is retrograde as of today. (It’s never IN retrograde, it just goes retrograde) All kidding aside, my entire day in terms of communication and technology were so off. But that’s expected, right? Maybe not. Ultimately, I believe the idea that we co-create with the universe and make what we want to happen our reality. Our natal chart, horoscope, and  life experience is all incredibly complex and completely up to interpretation.