Three Reasons You Think People on Instagram Are Cooler Than You



adjective: interesting

  1. arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention."an interesting debate"

What constitutes something or someone as interesting? Often, especially in the day and age of social media, people feel as though they aren't interesting enough, or that they don't have valuable enough content to share or a voice to be heard. Getting stuck in the rut of comparison, self-criticism, and a lack mindset are surefire ways for a lack of self-interest, and therefore the notion that others aren't interested in you, to develop. You can overcome these three main causes of inadequacy by challenging them specifically.


Teddy Roosevelt said it best: "Comparison is the thief of joy." Many people feel as though they aren't as good enough as others. Why? Maybe someone else has professional photos taken, a PR, branding, or social media company's assistance, a job where Instagram posts are a main source of income, or all of the above. And that's okay! No need to compare. If you are true to yourself and your values, your audience will respond. However you choose to use your voice on any platform is your prerogative, and therefore, YOU get to decide what you think is interesting enough to share.


Social media is a way for people to disguise the insecurities they have surrounding their bodies, career paths, and relationships, and glaze over them with an aesthetically pleasing filter. Remember - everyone is preoccupied with their own circumstances, so no one is as critical of you as you probably are. Instagram is not real life, so don't take it so seriously. If you aren't 100% obsessed with a photo of yourself, you don't have to post it. Or if you do, your followers will be inspired by your honesty and transparency. Everyone online leads seemingly glamorous lives, but as long as you're coming from a place of positivity, what you have to share is interesting!

Lack Mindset

Thinking that you are not interesting is often a sign of a overarching issue, whether it be low self esteem or a lack of gratitude. What makes you feel happiest? When do you consider yourself to be "in your element"? This is what makes you unique and - for lack of a better word - special. Realizing your self worth provides the opportunity for an abundant and fulfilled life. Practicing gratitude for what you DO have, what you've experienced, and what you're good at. When you tap into your passion, you have the ability to share your appreciation and zest for life with others. Who inspires you the most? With a positive mindset, you may be someone who in turn inspires others.