FitNic breaks it down

Hi, I'm Nicole! Welcome to FitNic, your new favorite source of info and inspo for everything NYC fitness and wellness community-related. On this site, I'll fill you in about upcoming events, my thoughts about relevant wellness topics, and insight from industry innovators. My goal is to inspire others to live their passion and do something they love every day. To share experiences with friends in real life. To provide online content that makes people feel good about themselves.

FitNic's purpose is to provide the NYC fitness and wellness community exactly that: a community. It doesn't matter what your day job is, what credentials you do or don't have, or whether you have the most expensive leggings. Everyone is welcome because we share the same values. This is a down-to-earth, approachable, no-egos-attached kinda thing. Call me old fashioned, but I refer to people using their first names - not their IG handles. 

I love social media as a way to connect with others and spread encouragement, support, and positivity...but it also does have a way of causing an inferiority complex. Many live constantly immersed in media, comparing themselves to the highly curated and often superficial images they see on their iPhone. Perfectly capable human beings don't feel like they're good enough because they're not a sponsored athlete with a model's figure. They feel left out after not having been invited to an event all the bloggers are talking about. They go to in-person events and ignore the equally as cool people around them as they wait in line just to meet an IG influencer. 

What can I do about this? Bring like-minded people together so they can do what they're passionate about, make friends, and have fun! That's really it. And if you happen to network with someone who introduces you to or becomes your next boss/best friend/photographer/manager/sponsor...that's cool too.

If you are a person who shares this vision, let's connect. If you are a fitness professional, studio, or wellness brand, visit my contact page for partnerships and sponsorships. Let's make awesome things happen together!

xx FitNic