Fitness and Wellness
Work-Life Integration

Because we shouldn't have to choose between having a career and doing something we love every day.


Bridging the Gap

FitNic is a platform that connects  a community of empowered, limitless fitness and wellness enthusiasts to challenge the status quo of work-life integration and body acceptance.  We represent the out-of-the-box girl boss who redefines independence, fulfillment, and success for herself.



Changing the Game

Creator and connector Nicole Tremaglio founded FitNic in 2016 to unite like-minded people in the NYC fitness and wellness community. She found that despite having her dream job in the fashion industry, she knew she was meant to inspire others through movement. 



Connecting the Community

FitNic loves supporting brands, businesses, girl bosses, industry disruptors, and thought leaders in creative, professional, and entrepreneurial spaces. Please contact Nicole for the following:

  • speaking on panels or podcasts
  • speaking at workshops, conferences, expos
  • moderating panel events
  • dancing, dance instruction
  • guest blogging, social media features
  • influencer appearances